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The concept behind the business of 'Zaka' is to create a range of quaility hand produced artwork, from wood that would be normally be used for charcoal production.

These products will in years to come will be the collectable antiques of the future & apperciate in price. I have a number of persons that attempt to copy my designs & fool visitors in to thinking they are buying a genuine Zaka Mask.

I've now trademark registared the logo & copyrighted most of my designs in an attept to combat these plagerist, as well as creating a mark of quaility assurance. Bottom line is if it's not signed & stamped "Zaka", it's just a cheap imitation!


Employed at Zaka are 5 full-time artist, each staff member is trained by me in each field, many have no formal qualifications or any experience in their chosen field.

Persons are trained in one particular aspect of the production operation, in rough carving, finish carving, wood preparation & treatment, painting & finishing. I find that young persons that have had no experience, but have a willingness to work make some of the best employees.



When you stop by the Zaka art studio in Malgretoute, Soufriere, with the stunning Petit Piton as back drop, you'll be treated with a view ofthe process of Zaka masks making, as well as a varity of other products, including fish, turtles & calabash.